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As we prepare to pull out for the new season, we at George Irvin’s Funfairs would like to thank all of the enthusiasts, photographers and vloggers who visit our fairgrounds and share our love of funfair rides and culture. We always love meeting you, hearing from you, and seeing not only your content, but your […]

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“From Garry Stewart”  Albion was made 1944 but never used and when the army released this in 1967 George Irvin’s purchased this and used it to around 1978. To all the people who don’t know, and the few that do. In August 2021 I sold my beloved Albion. I wasn’t actively looking to sell the […]

| by shane

Hi George, hope you are all well. I read something on facebook a short while ago about your speedway and the size of the centre island. I have some of Philip Bradley’s notes, he lived in Epsom and recorded London fairs from the mid 30’s, and is usually reliable. He says your grandad George had […]

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  Over the past week alone we have heard from members of the Irvin family who have come across our website and tracked us down. We are always delighted to learn more from people who read these articles (and it is nice to know that someone, somewhere, actually is!) so this is what they sent. […]