Make your wedding day an enchanting affair with our funfair ride hire service. Give your guests a day to remember with the nostalgia of a carousel or breathtaking views from the big wheel. We can even help with the catering! We bring the magic of the funfair to your wedding, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

All of our funfair rides are available for wedding hire, but the following will look especially spectacular in your wedding photos:

Carousel Magic: Transport your guests to a world of whimsy with our classic carousels. The beautifully adorned horses and vibrant colours make for a picturesque backdrop, adding a touch of fairytale charm to your wedding.

Big Wheel Elegance: Elevate your celebration to new heights with our iconic big wheels. Let your guests enjoy breathtaking panoramic views as they savour the romance and excitement of your special day.

Swinging Delight: The wave swinger ride adds a thrill to your wedding festivities. Watch as your guests swing gracefully through the air, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.

We can also help with the catering at your wedding with our delightful food carts serving popcorn and candy floss. These charming Victorian-style carts not only provide delicious treats but also serve as unique and aesthetically pleasing additions to your celebration.

For those seeking cool and casual catering with a difference, Irvin Leisure also offers burger vans and food trucks. Elevate your wedding reception with a laid-back atmosphere and gourmet delights that cater to diverse tastes.

Irvin Leisure is committed to making your wedding day exceptional. Contact us to discuss your vision, and let us tailor a bespoke package that brings the magic of the funfair to your special day. Create lasting memories with Irvin Leisure – where love and laughter take centre stage!

Romantic Rides

All of our rides are available for wedding hire, but here are some of our most popular options.

Thank you for all you did to arrange the bumper cars at our wedding, you really did come to our rescue after being let down so often. The ride was the highlight of our day, thank you so much!

Gary & Jennie

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