Calling All Funfair Enthusiasts!

As we prepare to pull out for the new season, we at George Irvin’s Funfairs would like to thank all of the enthusiasts, photographers and vloggers who visit our fairgrounds and share our love of funfair rides and culture.

We always love meeting you, hearing from you, and seeing not only your content, but your passion. As you know, showbusiness is not always easy. There are late nights, early mornings, heavy work and wet weather to contend with – but it is all worth it when we see visitors like yourself having fun! It means a lot that you enjoy what we do. Rarely does a week go by without us hearing from fans who share their pictures with us, or get in touch to plan a visit, or even share their research into fairgrounds of the past with us. We deeply appreciate this support and look forward to welcoming you all back this year.

Many of the history articles on our website were written by enthusiasts or based on your research, and your amazing photos and videos are often on our Facebook and Instagram. We hope to further celebrate your work with the launch of our new Funfair Enthusiasts section on our website! If you would like to take part, please send your stories, photos or videos to

Special thanks must go out to historians Kevin Scrivens, Simon Harris, Stephen Smith, John Comino-Jones, Garry Stewart, Malcolm Gill, Jackie Tidey, Hannah Jeeves and everyone at the Fairground Society, who often know even more about our history than we do!

We would also like to thank the many, many vloggers and enthusiasts who come down the grounds, including (but by no means limited to!) Slothy Vlogs, Funfair Funtime, PT Vlogs UK, Fair-Pix: Est. 2000, Fairgroundking1, UK Funfairs TV, The Broken Rider Vlogs, The Adventures of Polysixchick and Fun Fair Carl.

If you would like to visit us this summer and film for your vlog, we would be delighted to have you! Please drop us a line via our contact form, email, or call our 24-hour hotline on 020 8795 4282 so that we know when to expect you and can meet you. We look forward to meeting more of you in the future!