Barham Park Wembley Funfair – HA0 2LL

Barham Park Wembley Family Funfair

Barham Park, HA0 2LL

Barham Park, Wembley, HA0 2LL

From: Friday 24th May, 2024

To: Sunday 9th June

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A brief history of Barham Park

Whether it is for the summer festivals, the Diwali Celebrations in the Autumn or for the magnificent London’s Funfairs, Barham Park in Wembley is one of our favourite venues and this short piece tells you all about the place, its history and traditions and the man after whom it was named.

Until the late 14th Century, Sudbury Manor was the main Middlesex home of the Archbishops of Canterbury. Then it was divided and leased out for farming, which thrived in the area until the beginning of the 19th Century, when farmers hit hard times. (Farmers always say they have hit hard times, so nothing surprising about that).

In 1582, John Lyon, who founded Harrow School, paid for the upkeep of what was then called Harrow Waye, and is now the Harrow Road, but the road was in a shocking state until a Turnpike Trust was set up in 1801 who paid for improvements. It was the presence of Harrow School that lead to the development of Sudbury, which was the first part of Wembley to begin to grow during the 1800s when a number of large houses were built. The first shopping centre in the area, called The Mall, started to grow in the 1860s and 70s. This was a thriving part of Wembley and was so popular that Queen Victoria decided to name her front drive after it. A house called Sudbury Lodge was built in the 1860s by two sisters from the Copland Family, who were well known philanthropists at the time, in the grounds of Crabs House which was significantly older and which was owned and occupied by their father. Then in 1895, Sir George Barham came to live in Sudbury, and he bought up the entire estate, decided to live in Sudbury Lodge, and renamed his new home Barham House.


Open times

Date Time
Friday 24th May 4pm - 11pm
Saturday 25th May 2pm - 11pm
Sunday 26th May 2pm - 11pm
Monday 27th May BANK HOLIDAY 2pm - 11pm
Tuesday 28th May 2pm - 11pm
Wednesday 29th May 2pm - 11pm
Thursday 30th May 2pm - 11pm
Friday 31st May 2pm - 11pm
Saturday 1st June 2pm - 11pm
Sunday 2nd June 2pm - 11pm
Monday 3rd June 4pm - 11pm
Tuesday 4th June 4pm - 11pm
Wednesday 5th June 4pm - 11pm
Thursday 6th June D-Day 4pm - 11pm
Friday 7th June 4pm - 11pm
Saturday 8th June 2pm - 11pm
Sunday 9th June 2pm - 11pm

Fair Info

Entry Cost & Ride Token Cost

Entrance charge: £2 per person (must be paid by contactless card)
No charge for children under 3 years of age
This entrance charge enables us to provide security fencing and security guards for your comfort and peace of mind.

10 RIDE TOKENS = £10

The number of tokens per ride varies.
Tokens are on sale at the fair and online.
Contactless payment is available on all rides.


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Visit our Facebook and Instagram profiles to find out how to enter to be in with a chance of winning free entry to the fair for a family of five, plus TEN free rides and some sweet treats.


We are proud to support the Mayor of Brent’s chosen charities by donating a proportion of our entrance income.

Find Us

Barham Park, Wembley, HA0 2LL


Nearest Underground Stations Sudbury Town & Wembley Central

Nearest National Rail Stations are Sudbury & Harrow Road and Wembley Central


18, 204, 92, 245, 182, N18, N17

Leave the buses at the Fusilier stop on the Harrow Road, just before Sudbury Roundabout.

No need to actually stop in the pub, unless you want to! Even if we are in the other section of the park, to the east side of the parks offices, the same directions apply.

Eco Friendly Travel

We encourage all visitors to come by Public Transport if they can.

Ride Token Cost

Ride tokens are on sale at the funfair entrance & online at £10 for 10 tokens.

Please note that the number of tokens per ride varies.

Contactless payment is also available on all rides if you would prefer to pay as you go.

I visited the funfair – twice, actually! I have a disability, but found I could go on many rides due to helpful staff, and their kindness and eagerness to help. Thank you again for everything, I had a lovely time.

Jackie Collins

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have burning questions about our funfairs or our fairground ride hire service? We will do our best to answer them here. If you have any other questions that aren’t in the FAQs please contact us through this form, by emailing , or calling our 24-hour hotline on 020 8795 4282.

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We Welcome All

Our pledge at all our Funfairs is that all faiths and religions are welcome!

Wherever you are born or whatever your colour, you will always be welcomed into George Irvin’s Funfairs as we show zero tolerance towards racial or religious prejudice.

Because of this, people of all races, backgrounds and religions can come together at our Funfairs in harmony.

EVERYONE can have good safe fun!