How safe are your funfair rides?

We take your safety very seriously. 

All of our funfair rides undergo regular independent third-party health and safety testing by industry body ADIPS and display an ADIPS ID sticker which enables you to check the ride’s testing status online. Rides are not allowed to open at our funfairs or events without a valid testing certificate from ADIPS and valid public liability insurance. 

Every ride displays a set of safety instructions (and a height and age limit where appropriate). Please follow these instructions and warnings to have the most enjoyable and safe funfair experience. 

We conduct thorough risk assessments before every event and will supply one tailored to your event.

Can I go on a funfair ride if I have recently had an operation or I am pregnant or unwell?

This is a deeply personal question that depends on a number of factors such as the nature of the operation/your health condition, how far along you are in your pregnancy and of course which ride you are referring to. We strongly suggest that you avoid all ‘thrill’ rides and vigorous rides such as the dodgems and bouncy castles if you have any doubts about your health condition. 

We would advise that you stick to gentle rides such as those in our children’s section and the carousel, but we are not medical experts and urge you to speak to your doctor and use common sense and your own discretion. If in doubt, don’t ride!

Are your funfair rides insured?

All of our funfair rides and attractions have comprehensive public liability insurance ranging from £5 million to £10 million. This paperwork will be provided to you as part of your ride hire package. .

Are your funfair rides suitable for children and adults?

All of our funfairs feature rides that are suitable for both adults and children. We have a separate section on our website that features rides that are designed especially for kids. Merry-go-rounds, teacups and toy sets are all ideal for toddlers. 

Not all rides are for children, and hence our thrill rides and other large rides such as the dodgems and waltzer have height limits and age restrictions which will be clearly displayed. Please check these limits as they will vary from ride to ride, and please respect them and the ride attendant’s decision as your safety is very important to us.

Can I bring my dog to the funfair?

Sorry, we love dogs, but for everyone’s comfort and safety, only disability assistance dogs (such as guide dogs for the blind and hearing dogs for the deaf) are welcome at our funfairs. 

It may be helpful if you can bring your dog ID booklet from the charity that trained your assistance dog with you, but this is not a requirement. Our security staff are familiar with disability assistance dogs and we hope you and your assistance dog have a pleasant visit.

Do carers of disabled people have to pay to go to the funfair?

George Irvin’s Funfairs are working on being more accessible for disabled people. Carers of disabled people do not have to pay the £2 entrance charge when accompanying them. We will do our best to make ride fee concessions for carers who are accompanying people who cannot ride alone. 

If you are disabled or a carer/support worker accompanying a disabled person to the fair, you are welcome contact us on or 020 8795 4282 ahead of your visit to discuss your needs and our facilities. 

We regret that we are currently unable to provide step-free toilets within our funfairs. However, most of our funfairs are located in parks that have accessible toilets.

Is the funfair open in bad weather?

We know that it can be disappointing if you have planned a fun day out then the funfair is closed due to stormy weather, but this is part of our commitment to safety.

If the funfair has to close due to bad weather, we will post about the closure on our Facebook and Instagram pages. If we cannot go ahead with your private hire due to bad weather, you will be contacted personally.

Where are your funfairs?

Our funfairs travel around London, but we have hire bases in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Brighton, Newcastle, Cardiff and Norwich. As such, we can provide funfair ride hire throughout the mainland United Kingdom and beyond. We have particular expertise in bringing funfair rides to the Middle East.

How do I hire a funfair ride?

Please contact us with as much detail as possible about your event and your needs, such as the event address (or area), when the event is due to take place, and an idea of what sort of rides you would like. 

We have several decades of experience in supplying funfair rides for all kinds of events and we would be pleased to help you plan your special day. 

If you do not know exactly which of our many, many funfair rides you would like, simply give us an idea of your budget and/or the demographic of guests you expect at your event and we will be more than happy to suggest attractions that will suit your needs. 

We encourage you to get in touch as early as possible, (especially for busy periods such as bank holidays, school holidays, Easter and Bonfire Night), but we will do our best to fulfil even last-minute hire requests.

Do you have my favourite ride at your funfair?

The ride list varies at each of our funfairs, but we aim to post them on our Facebook and Instagram pages when they are finalised before each funfair. Almost all of our funfairs will feature classics such as the dodgems, waltzer and twister, and every fair will have a mixture of rides for young children and rides that are suitable for older children and adults.

Do you have my favourite funfair ride for hire?

If you can’t find the particular ride or attraction that you wish to hire on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to source it for you! We have impeccable contacts in the amusement industry and will work with trusted suppliers who share our high professional standards to find what you need.