Are Chelsea on the Slide?

Following our great success at predicting England’s triumph in the World Cup we are hesitant to make predictions for football 2010/11, but here as you can see is incontrovertible evidence that John Terry is on the slide, albeit on ours in Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland. He is also on our magnificent Tea Cups too, as he and his family enjoyed a great night out at Winter Wonderland 2010.

They not only went on our rides and slides but also may well have enjoyed our candyfloss from the wonderful food carts, ridden the Carousel, tried the magnificent Santa Track Ride we provide and also played on the fun reindeer racer, unique to us in Hyde Park.

Winter Wonderland is not only London’s best event each year but probably the best in Britain and maybe in Europe and is not to be missed, open every day from now until January 4th apart from Christmas Day when we have a well deserved day off.]