Unleash the Thrill! Irvin Leisure is excited to offer the iconic tornado ride  – also known as the chaos, after-burner, KMG freak-out and tango.

Perfect for festivals, corporate events, or any gathering that could do with a burst of adrenaline, the Tornado Ride is a crowd-pleaser that promises an unforgettable experience.




What is the tornado?

The tornado is a marvel of amusement engineering. Let us explain this pendulum-inspired thrill to you.

Dynamic Design: At its core, the tornado features a ring of seats attached to one end of a massive arm, with the other end fixed to a sturdy pivot. This innovative design allows for a sweeping, swinging motion that will take your breath away.

Spin & Swing: As the arm swings through the air, the ring of seats rotates, providing riders with a constantly shifting perspective. Whether you’re soaring upwards or swooping down, each moment is filled with excitement.

Inversion Option: For the ultimate adrenaline junkies, the tornado is capable of fully inverting riders, adding an extra layer of excitement to this dynamic ride.

Safe and Spectacular: As with all of our rides, the tornado has comprehensive public liability insurance and regularly undergoes independent third-party health and safety testing provided by ADIPS.

Branding Opportunities: Interested in enhance your corporate events by decorating the ride with your company’s logo and colours? Contact us to discuss your needs. 

Expert Support: Our experienced team will handle transporting the ride, the installation, operation, and dismantling, ensuring a hassle-free experience for event organisers.

Book Now for an awesome Experience

Elevate your event with the exhilarating tornado ride from Irvin Leisure. Contact us today to learn more and to secure this spectacular ride for your next event. Get ready to swing, spin, and soar with the ultimate pendulum thrill ride!

I would like to thank you for making our event such a success.

Emma Earl - Guiding Event Organiser

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you and your team did for our event. We are very pleased and our clients are more than happy.

Tom - Planet Gold