Roller Coasters

Think you can’t get theme park-level thrills at your event? Think again. Make a big impression by hiring your very own rollercoaster from Irvin Leisure. 

We have a wide range of rollercoasters for you to choose from. If you’re planning an event for lots of children, check out the gentle hills and thrills of the go-gator rollercoaster, the dragon rollercoaster, or the big apple rollercoaster

But if you’re hoping to bring the wow factor to an event with older children and adults, check out the Wild Mouse rollercoaster, a superb full-size coaster with spinning cars!

  • Go-gator rollercoaster -a cute, cartoony alligator-themed rollercoaster for children.
  • Dragon rollercoaster – families love this fairytale-themed rollercoaster.
  • Big apple rollercoaster – a sweet caterpillar-themed coaster for families and children. 
  • Wild Mouse rollercoaster – a thrilling rollercoaster with spinning cars for older children and adults.

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Rest assured that whichever of our coasters you choose to hire for your event, none of them go upside-down or loop the loop, so that everyone (not just the brave) can join in the fun. 

As with all of our funfair rides, our rollercoasters come complete with public liability insurance, regular independent third-party safety testing, transport, full assembly and disassembly, and trained staff to operate them.  

If you want jaws to drop when people arrive at your party, our rollercoasters are just what you need. Contact Irvin Leisure today to bring the thrills of the theme park to your event.

I would like to thank you for making our event such a success.

Emma Earl - Guiding Event Organiser

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you and your team did for our event. We are very pleased and our clients are more than happy.

Tom - Planet Gold