Coffee Kiosks

Irvin Leisure presents the epitome of hot drink indulgence with our sophisticated coffee kiosks. Whether you’re hosting a festival, fete, community fun day, or a corporate event, our coffee kiosks are designed to delight your attendees with a superb range of hot drinks and delectable snacks.

Rich Variety of Hot Drinks: From the robust flavours of coffees, cappuccinos and lattes, to the soothing warmth of tea and hot chocolate, our coffee kiosks can offer a rich variety of hot beverages to suit every taste. Need themed drinks? We’ll see what we can do. 

Accompanying Snacks: We can complement your hot drinks with a tempting selection of treats. Contact us to discuss what indulgent treats you would like us to serve your guests.

Fully Staffed: Our skilled team of experienced staff is dedicated to crafting the perfect cup for your guests. With a passion for quality, they ensure each sip is an experience to remember. We can even have them dressed in your corporate colours!

Set & Forget Catering Solutions: Our coffee kiosks come fully staffed and equipped with cutting-edge technology, offering you a “set and forget” catering solution. From seamless set-up and operation to efficient pack-down and removal, our team takes care of every detail, allowing you to focus on the success of your event.

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Treat your guests to a restorative cup of coffee: contact Irvin Leisure about our coffee kiosks today. Elevate the attendee experience with the finest hot drinks and treats.

I would like to thank you for making our event such a success.

Emma Earl - Guiding Event Organiser

I would like to thank you for the brilliant job you and your team did for our event. We are very pleased and our clients are more than happy.

Tom - Planet Gold